What can I say about Righteous Oaks that would speak to your heart? I guess the best thing I can do is to share what is in my heart about this godsend of a haven. I thank God every day for this sanctuary of recovery because our God and Father gave me my son back as a result of this ministry of change. Not very long ago, my oldest son had a severe addiction problem that he could not escape from on his own. He needed help. Help that this pastor/father could not provide. Oh, I could provide love and prayers, but we needed something more.

Jeremy entered the program reluctantly at first, but then decided it was where he needed to be. As Jeremy’s dad, I continued my love and prayers, but so did the staff at Righteous Oaks. Not only did they provide the love and prayers but also the support, care, counsel, accountability and most of all they provided a place of healing. Jeremy finished the six months of the program and has been wonderful ever since. No slip ups, no falls. Why? Because God heard my prayers, put in Jeremy’s heart to get well and then as a huge part of the puzzle, provided us His haven called Righteous Oaks Recovery Center.

I thank God for them, I pray for them and encourage you, if you have a loved one in your family that needs something more, to get well and find healing, God has a place of hope and healing that is only a short phone call away. Righteous Oaks, God’s Haven of Healing.

— Rev. Bob Followell
Living Victory through Jesus
Our crisis began on the night our son, Tyler, was to graduate high school. A phone call from a police officer telling me that he had arrested our son for purchasing narcotics. After many conversations with Tyler we tried to convince him that he needed some form of professional help. All the while he would not show up where he was supposed to be or we would hear stories of what he was doing.

After nearly a year of trying to convince him that he needed to change his life, we turned our problems over to the Lord. We had a family intervention and told him if he did not get help he could no longer be involved in our day-to-day family plans and he would have to move out of our home. He told us that he did not have a drug problem and he did not need us.

After two weeks, I received a phone call from Tyler telling me he was sorry and he needed help. He was working on an oil rig so I informed him to come home and we would get him help.

When Tyler got home we started at the local drug treatment centers asking for them to accept him as a patient. He had great insurance, so paying for the treatment would not be a problem. After all, it is our son that we are talking about. We would pay any reasonable amount just to get some good nights of sleep. But the Three Pines we went to told me that our son did not have a drug problem, he just needed out-patient counseling.

During this time, I had been sharing the stories of our struggles with a friend and pastor. When I told him that Tyler was ready to receive help he gave me the phone number to Righteous Oaks. I called immediately and I was told to bring him now.

We drove to Righteous Oaks that night and Tyler was accepted into the program. After three weeks we got to go visit. It was a Sunday night Testimonial Service, my favorite, when I ask the Lord what I am doing in Chunky, Mississippi on Sunday night, God told me to shut up, sit down and listen!!

Over the next few weeks the Lord started softening my heart. He started revealing to me that it was not just our son who had a problem but the entire family.

Satan had come into our home and we had not recognized him. From that day forward we realized what we were dealing with. The Drug addiction was at the surface, but at the root of the problem is Satan.

Righteous Oaks has, and is still, teaching our family the lesson and preparing us to deal with the problems that arise from having a family member in addiction. It is also preparing us for eternity.

Our prayer is that if you are reading our testimony that you will strongly consider turning your problems and your spirit over to the Lord.

— Randy, Wendy, Dustin & Tyler